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Frost Dungeon

Located: Thurgo's Mine, dungeon south of Rimmington.
Frost Dungeon Frost%20Dungeon%20Entry_zpsdd2et3ur

Frost Dungeon Frost%20Dungeon_zpsw0s2jgjh

Frost Dragon Level 375
200 Attack, 150 Strength & Defense, 1000 Hits
Frost Dragon Bones, Runes, Herbs, Shark, Coins(10000), Essense Cert (10), Coal Cert (10), Gum Log Cert (2), Limpwurt Root Cert (3), Dragon Arrows (100), Khorium Arrows (50), Khorium Bar, Platinum Bar, Titanium Bar, Dragon Kite, Khoriumn Kite, Dragon Longsword, Khorium Longsword, Dragon Plate, Khorium Plate, Platinum Chain, Dragon Spear, Khorium Spear, Titanim SQ,  Titanium Med, Titanium Long

Frost Demon Level 362
150 Attack, Strength & Defense, 1000 Hits
Ashes, Runes, Herbs,  Uncut Onyx, Coins 10K,  Pufferfish,  Ultimate Attack Potion, Essence Cert (10), Coal Cert (10), Cork Log Cert (10), Snape Grass Cert (3), Manta Ray certificate (4), Khorium Arrows (50), Platinum Arrows (40), Khorium Bar, Platinum Bar, Dragon Spear, Khorium Spear, Platinum Spear, Titanium pickaxe, Titanium axe

Ice Wolf Level 140
140 Attack, Strength, Defense & Hits
Magic Bones, Runes, Prayer Potion, Shark

The dungeon also includes:
4x Khorium Rocks
Weapons Chest
Super Attack Potion Chest
Super Strength Potion Chest


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