Construction skill + new set of spells

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Construction skill + new set of spells Empty Construction skill + new set of spells

Post  Honeygod on Sat May 14, 2016 2:57 pm

Alright well seeing how there isn't any mention of construction.
I think it would be beneficial to experiment on creating a basic format using ::commands to place certain objects into xyz as well as facing direction(unless that already is z) etc.
It should be in an open-testing format where anyone can enter anyone's house/area by typing ::home [user] and use up the runes only if available.
Make it a small area for now and offer incentives to subscribers to increase or get special furniture store/items. This is a simple approach to the skills so we should get that started! bounce
If commands are too much or worried about lag- we can have a creator that we can use the site to upload to our characters. It can follow simple rules like html or something in java format if you would like as an example.

As for the new set of spells I have a fun concept called "penetration" spells which are more mathematic as they would use given algorithms to set a "code" or password with numbers to leave for people to crack with their new spells. It wouldn't be entirely easy but it can be one of those fun things to do on the side. We can even have contests on who can crack the door/house first. The spells help give clues that players could utilize to find the code. Hell the spells can be used outside the players' houses for special quests/areas to train or stuff. Fun yes? What are your thoughts.. I would love to help out with this.

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