Iluveit's STAFF Application

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Iluveit's STAFF Application

Post  Iluveit on Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:28 am

In game name?

Real name?

How old are you?
Twenty Five ( 25 )

Location on earth?

How long have you been playing the server?
A few months or so.

Why do you want to be a staff member on ClassicKBD?
To help out when players need help, to help moderate the actions of other players when no one else is online to do so, as it's kind of been lately; no big deal but eventually someone will take advantage of a late-night-no-mod server.

Why should we choose you to be a staff member?
Not quite sure, maybe because I've taken the time to fill this form out Smile ?! I feel like I'm confident enough to take on a position like this, as I've overqualified IMO.

How long do you play on average each day?
6-8 Hours off and on

Are you active on both forums and in game?
Active In-Game, and just made my Forum Account today although I know forums very well, from the backend stand point nad front end; so you'll see me on here more often from here on out!

What are your other hobbies?
Art, Hiking, Kayaking, Getting crafty in anyway pretty much; right after a toke off the bong.

Any Experience being staff before?
Yes, on multiple games / servers, etc... Ran a server my self at one point very familiar with what it means to be a STAFF member.

Any coding languages or other related education?
General knowledge of Java - Client related coding; Visual Basic coding, Unity 3D experience JS / Python.
PHP, SQL, HTML, ETC... Yeah pretty much grew up when forum TUTORIALS were the thing, and learned a lot of everything.

How well do you know the custom items, objects, npcs and landscapes on ClassicKBD?
Custom Items hasn't always been my strong point, although I'm sure if I was shown one time I could do it for you by myself right after. Objects, I know how to place, rotate, etc... ( Infact made a program in VB to make it easier, where you just copy the XML Code right after. ) And NPC's, a breeze, Landscapes I started to get really good, but then trashed my server as I upgraded my PC and havn't played with the Landscape Editor since, very strange topview editor but does work!


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