List of all: ClassicKBD Certers!

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List of all: ClassicKBD Certers! Empty List of all: ClassicKBD Certers!

Post  Arulz on Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:54 pm

Sooo this is another thing long over due... once again help me out if I miss any!

Logs - just north of the north bank,
Chuck is your man for logs, he will exchange Oaks - Magics
Forester is inside the custom WC guild just outside of Seers to the west.

Flax and Bowstring - Seers village
Rick is the guy to talk with for flax and bow strings.

Bows - Seers village
Unstrung and Strung bows Maple - Magic can be exchanged by the Unstrung and Strung bow certers in Seers.

Fish - Draynor Village, Catherby, and the fishing guild
In catherby find Owen to exchange your sharks and bass.
In Draynor Niles will exchange trout - swordfish.
In the fishing guild Padik will exchange sharks and bass.
Also in the fishing guild Orven will exchange tuna - swordfish.

Bars - Drayonor Village
Miles will exchange iron - addy bars.
Liles will exchange Rune bars.

Ore - Draynor village
Giles will exchange iron - addy ore.
Liles will exchange rune bars.
Master Crafter inside the crafting guild will exchange gold and silver ore.

Rune equipment - Edgeville
The rune certer will exchange all kinds of rune items.

Addy equipment - Edgeville
The addy certer will exchange all kinds of addy items.

Bone Certer - Yanille
Bonzo is the man to see to cert and uncert Big bones-kril!

Rune essence - Draynor village
Liles is the lady to hit up for rune essence exchange.

Potions - Yanille
Sidney Smith will be happy to cert and uncert all your combat related potions.

Herbs and Herblaw supplies + Vials - Falador
Just north of the south bank you will find Henry Herblaw which will exchange all your herbs.
You will also find Edde who will exchange vials and combat related secondary materials.

Wool - Lumbridge
The Wool Certer is right next to where noobs spawn when they die

Amulet - Outside the crafting guild
The Amulet cert is located just outside the Crafting guild and will exchange all ammys including charged and uncharged dragon amulets.

Gems - Edgeville
The Gem certer will exchange all cut and uncut gems.

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List of all: ClassicKBD Certers! Empty Re: List of all: ClassicKBD Certers!

Post  Theberz on Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:28 am

Ive been searching for a certer for high-level bows but I cant find any. There's a low level one in seers but I need to cert boojum bows Neutral

Does anyone know if we have one?


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List of all: ClassicKBD Certers! Empty Re: List of all: ClassicKBD Certers!

Post  Lietuva on Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:00 pm

Just go to edgevile and find gambler, next to him is main certer he change any certs for you Smile

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List of all: ClassicKBD Certers! Empty Re: List of all: ClassicKBD Certers!

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