Suggs: defenders, equip enchantment + more

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Suggs: defenders, equip enchantment + more Empty Suggs: defenders, equip enchantment + more

Post  biggs on Tue May 30, 2017 2:51 pm

Introduce defenders into the game. Wielded in shield slot, gives + to armour, aim, and power
Suggs: defenders, equip enchantment + more Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSjgm3sfzVxdhpBrddXqG_KrVlzpH_eCnY_89rBtphHtc4TC9ubrCtiFsg
^ these guys

Also it would be cool to be able to buff your eqipment with enchantment spells. Several games use the system where you enchant equipment one level at a time, but each step may fail and reset the enchantments, making a +10 item very rare, for instance.

I would also enjoy there being a new a rare currency. A small orb is given a 1/300 chance to drop from any npc monster, and when collected can be used to buy cool stuff. This sounds eerily similar to god tokens I just realized. Oh well it would be still be cool.

As a long-time rpg gamer I have always loved equipment that has more random modifiers and item class, such as a superior rune long sword, Dam. 8-10, or tarnished khorium mace dam. 16-19 -3 prayer. Would be epic to see item system like in Diablo, where there are weak, normal, strong, magic, set, and unique equipment modifiers. Would require a big rework, just chatting though.
Oh and I really want to lash out against a new boss with an abyssal whip! also katanas. because ninja
also would like to use wolf and bear furs on spinning wheel to make fur clothes

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