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Server Rules

As a member of the ClassicKBD server, you will have to abide by the rules of conduct listed below to ensure a great time online for both you and the community members you interact with.

Flaming, Harassment, and Disrespect:: Mute - IP Mute

If someone is Harassing you in game, please contact a staff member.
If you are accused of harassment, you will be contacted by a staff member.
If issues continue the player will be muted for 12 hours.

Throughout the community is a various amount of religious, cultural backgrounds of many beliefs, everyone is entitled to the respect of all members of the community. We expect members to behave, act mature, and handle all what may be stressful situations accordingly. The sole purpose of this community is the entertainment that we wish to provide to all people from all over the world that visit us. The discretion of a member that reports another member based off this rule will be handled by the staff member. Remember that members have different types of emotions and may take things differently than what another person may take as a joke.

Any form of racism found on the server or forums will be permanently IP’d from the server and forums with no chance of appeal. This is both illegal in the real world, and we will follow all laws. We will not tolerate ANY form of racism and will be handled immediately.

Advertisement :: Perm. Ban
Advertisement on the forums and server is strictly dealt with, and an automatic ban from the forums and server will be given. You will not be able to appeal this offence. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message an Administrator for permission to advertise, otherwise ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same.

Spamming :: 24 hour Mute or Ban
Spamming on the ClassicKBD will not be permitted, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of ClassicKBD. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on ClassicKBD and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from ClassicKBD if needed.

3rd Party Software ::Ban

We will not tolerate cheating of ANY kind as we know that it causes unfair advantages over other members that are attempting to play the server through fairness.

We will do our best to enforce this and such things includes:

any client other than ClassicKBD (bot client, etc.),
Any action that requires a human player to be at the computer to perform,
Auto Login etc...

If a moderator teleports to you, and you instantly log out, upon multiple occasions, to the moderators digression can result in a ban, due to amount of botting lately.

You must respond to a moderator if your character is performing an action.
Auto login is an action, AFK training is Not an action and is allowed.
usually a mod gives about 2-3 minutes, well long enough to see and reply.

The first offence is character ban, third IP Ban (BAN OF ALL CHARS ON YOUR IP).

Player Vs. Player (PvP)
ClassicKBD is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. Go in there at your own risk.

Staff Impersonation :: Perm. Ban
Impersonation of the staff team is not acceptable and the member will be dealt with harshly. There are a lot of cases where another member is scammed, hacked or otherwise somehow misguided because a member is impersonating a staff member. Those who attempt to impersonate the administration or moderation team will be dealt with a ban and this punishment not being appealable.

Refunds (Scams, Disconnects etc.)
• a. Disconnections will not be refunded, feel free to create a thread about it and stating the problem so the problem can be fixed though.
• b. Donations will ONLY be refunded if he/she has NOT been given their items or sub card (forums, server) after 24 hours, otherwise a refund is not required. Those who loose items on the server will not be refunded whatsoever.
• c. Reset of the server or forums will be refunded if any subs purchased over lifetime.
• d. Scammed members will not be refunded because there are simple tactics of not being scammed in the first place such as using a middleman (server support, moderator, administrator etc.). Please note that we will not be accepting photo-reports of members being scammed, it must be a video or it will not be handled. Please do note that scammers will be punished severely with a permanent ban on their first offense and an IP-Ban on their second offense.
• e. Account Sharing is not of our concern and will NOT be against the rules, those who account share should realize their entrusting the other person with their account. Those who have been banned, muted, or stolen from as a result of account sharing will NOT be Unbanned, Unmuted, or reimbursed. ACCOUNT SHARE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
• f. Hacking refunds will not be handed out, those who are hacked must have simple tactics in keeping his or her accounts safe, please do not complain about this because we simply don't have the time.
• g. Glitch refunds will ONLY be refunded if the member has 100 percent proof, and has proof of the items prior to the glitch happening. Note that if a developer (or whoever has spawning abilities) does not see the proof to be enough, it can be declined and a refund is not required.

Evading Mutes, Bans, and Infractions :: Ban or IP-Ban
All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their mutes, bans, and IP-Bans to cause more problems after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms.

This includes creating accounts like asdfsd, 3467544, ilo0oi0
Any names like these will be automatically trimmed from the playerfiles.
For names ONLY consisting of numbers, make it 4 or less numbers.
No swear/curse words in account names.

You are allowed to create another account on the server and forums to appeal or play again but do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment and let us deal with it from there.

Attacking staff accounts = jail
You are not allowed to attack a mod/admin account even true they are in wilderness. If you attack them and kill them they are allowed to teleport back to you and kill you. Most of the time the staff are walking around with item for events.


Forum Rules

If you use the ClassicKBD Forums, please familiarize yourself with our Rules & Guidelines for the forums. We expect all members using our forums to abide by these rules.Keep in mind these rules can alter over time at any given moment.The ClassicKBD Staff team reserves the right to terminate any of your account if in violation of any of the rules stated below. If you have any questions or concerns about our forum rules, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a forum staff member.

Flaming & Trolling
Flaming, also known as bashing, is the hostile interaction towards another internet user, often involving the use of profanity. Small amount of flame is acceptable. Staff members shall act accordingly when the flaming becomes excessive. Infractions may vary from a warning to post banning depends on the severity of the content.
Trolling is the deliberate act of attacks towards a content or an internet user. Trolling does not always offend another nor can it be aimed at anyone but there are cases when it is inappropriate. Mild trolling is acceptable but once again, staff members shall act accordingly if the content is considered offensive.

We have zero tolerance towards the advertisement of other servers and websites. The violation of this rule results in a permanent ban from the forums.

Security & Bug Abuse
Exploiting or attempting to exploit loopholes, vulnerabilities, or bugs will result in the permanent removal of your accounts. Any activities with an objective of violating the confidentiality or harming of the forums users will result in an immediate termination of your accounts.

Following NPCS - Bug Abuse
It is illegal to auto follow a banker, or any NPC. Performing this action allows the character to have no logout time. Since players are rewarded for online activity, this must be made illegal until it is fixed.
Staff will give warnings and kicks before banning the account to make sure everyone knows this rule has been added.

IP Ban & Ban Evasion
IP bans as reserved for the highest-level offences, including (but not limited to): DDoS, Hacking, etc. In some cases, IPbans may be handed to repeat offenders of lower-level rules. Players that have been IP banned are not welcomed back and any attempt to return to the forums under a new name / IP will result in another ban.

Misposting is considered spamming to a degree. This can easily be avoided simply by reading the section title and reading any relevant announcements or pinned threads within that section. If you are unsure about where to post a thread, private message our forum staff or a member of our community.

Spam Posting
Spam posting is basically the act of posting useless and irrelevant things on topics. If you are going to post something that has nothing to do with the topic, then don't post. Depending on the content of the post, you may receive a verbal warning or a warning point.

Hanging Quotes
Hanging quotes is essentially quoting someone's post and just posting it. It looks trashy on the forums and it only results in spam posting. If you have nothing relevant to say toward the topic, don't post.

Faking Evidence
Any form of faking evidence will result in a permanent ban.

Inappropriate Content
We have younger players on the forums and in-game. We do not need any type of inappropriate content. Posting any inappropriate content may result in an infraction on forums. The exception to this rule is the posting of pornographic content, whereby you will be permanently banned and never welcomed back.

@ Player Topics
Threads directed to players are allowed as long as it remains in a positive environment. If the thread is directed to negatively effect a player, harm the security of the user, or it is intended to flame bait others, the thread will be closed and the creator of the topic may receive a warning point. If your content is directed towards a staff member or a player to clarify a rule/statement/question, we expect them to use the private messaging system instead. Criticism and comments directed towards a staff member and ClassicKBD gaming can be posted in Overall Feedback in a constructive manner.

Posting on a thread that is at least 2 weeks old (14 days) or more without a post is seen as spamming and can result in a warning point. The only sections that this rules does not apply to is the sections that do not give post count.


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