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The Crafting Guild
Located south-west of Falador.
The level requirement to enter is 40 Crafting and you must have a brown apron equipped.
The building is two stories high and contains clay, gold, and silver mining spots. It also has a pottery wheel and a pottery oven.
On the top floor is a tanner.

The Mining Guild
A guild dedicated to the skill mining.
Players need to have a mining level of 66 to be able to enter or level 65 and a Dwarven stout.
The guild contains Mithril and Coal rocks and is the fastest location for players to mine Coal.

The Wizards Guild
The heart of Yanille is the Wizards Guild, where the goodly bluish wizards of the land try to keep Yanille safe
(as described in the local Watch Tower Quest).
The guild requires level 66 magic to enter, and the Head Wizard outside will remind you of this.
Should you have the necessary level, he will afterwards greet you not at all.
The ground floor is cozy yet sparse; there is a large collection of books,
but little else, as the locale is more of a stopover for mages than a place to study and rest.
The floor above has a magic store, with standard runes and staves plus the Battlestaff (7000gp), and rare Soul Rune (2500gp).
The top level holds three magical portals; North, East, and South.
They are a wonder to behold-- but if you disagree, you can close the doors on them.
None have any description, but they are all Wizard related destinations.
• North Portal: Wizard's Tower South of Draynor.
• East Portal: Thormac the Sorcerer's Tower (between Seers and Legends Guild).
• South Portal: Dark Wizard's Tower near Falador.
In the basement are target practice zombies and the wizard who creates them, and a ladder leading out to behind the guild.

The Monastery
A guild dedicated to the prayer skill that is located east of Ice Mountain and west of Edgeville.
The monastery consists of two floors and is a very holy place, home to many monks.

Ground floor
The ground floor of the monastery is accessible to all players and has no requirements.
Among the many monks on the ground floor is Abbot Langley who can restore players Hits by talking to him.
There is also a cabbage patch on the north side of the monastery on the ground floor.

Upper floor
The upper floor of the monastery is only accessible for players that have a prayer level of at least 31.
On the upper floor there is an altar that players can restore prayer points.
This altar is unique because it restores the players prayer points but also gives a +2 prayer point bonus when recharging on it.
The upper floor also has a spawn of monk's robes.

The monastery proves to very useful for players training on monks as they can quickly be healed by speaking to Abbot Langley.
It is also a popular place to visit from pkers as it is located close to the
wilderness and are they are easily able to restore their Hits and prayer points.


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