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Shield of Arrav Quest Guide Empty Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

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Shield of Arrav

In this quest, you're tasked to recover the Shield of Arrav for the King of Varrock. This Quest Requires two People to Complete.

Phoenix Gang Member

Joining - Talk with the librarian in Varrock palace. And Read the book you locate in one of the shelves of the library.

Once you've read it talk to him again.

Talk to the fur trader in the market and give him 20gp he'll tell you the location of the hide out.

Talk to the Man in the Hide out and do as he says.

The Shield -
The man tells you of an informant of their rival in the local Inn.

Kill Jonny with a Beard and being the intelligence list back to the man.

He'll let you into the hide out and also give you a key to the armory. The Shield is in the back room of the hide out inside the chest.

Black Arm Gang Member

Joining - Talk to the tramp near the sword shop and ask what's down the ally, he'll tell you it's the Black Arm gangs hideout.

Talk to Katine in the hideout and she'll give you a small task.

The Shield -
Katine wants you to get 2 Phoenix Crossbows, there is a Respawn in the Phoenix Amoury but you'll need the Key from a Phoenix Member, when you pick up a bow from the armoury the weapons master(lvl-25) will attack.

Once you get kill him pick up the bows and return to Katine. She'll give you access to the Hide out and the shield is in the cupboard on the second floor.

Obtaining Proof of the Shield - one of the people must talk to the Museum Owner and receive two Certificates.

Take the Certificate to the King and receive the reward.

Reward: 2 certificates - each of which grants the bearer a 600gp reward when presented to the King (note: king will only pay once, it is easy to give other certificate to player that helped), 1 quest point

Thanks for help: Hitman_X


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