Witch's Potion Quest Guide

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Witch's Potion Quest Guide Empty Witch's Potion Quest Guide

Post  Brwn on Mon May 27, 2013 4:40 pm

Witch's Potion

Easy Quest to fetch the ingredients for an evil witches brew.

Difficulty level: Easy

Start: Talk to Hetty in the Rimmington village southwest of Falador for list of items
See the SPOILERS below for more details (highlight to see them):

Burnt meat- burn some meat (get it from Bears, Giant Rats..) or buy in Port Sarim Food shop.
Onion- Go north from the village and u will find a cabbage field and some onions
Rats tail- kill a rat in the building next door
Eye of newt - can be bought in the magic shop by the docks in Port Sarim.
When u have all this u can go talk to Hetty and talk to her, and then "drink from couldron"

Reward: 1 quest point, magic skill (+3[level 5-8, 7-10])

Thanks for help: Showstealer, Ranged Guard, Lord_Bane, Gohan_Sayen, Lydmus, Hitman_X


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