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Post  Brwn on Mon May 27, 2013 6:59 pm

Cooking is one of the prime activities in Runescape Classic and is used mainly to restore health points lost in combat, but also is an active trade item.

Cooking an item is quite simple. Simply click your mouse (either button) on an item in your inventory and then point at a range (stove) or a fire to "use" it with that item. And just like cooks in real life, not everything turns out well. You can buy items you're trying to cook making them usable, but you'll find also like real life, your cooking becomes more successful as you gain experience (points) in your cooking skill and you'll burn fewer items.

Cooking on a fire can also help build your Firemaking and Woodcutting skills. Using a hatchet, cut a tree for wood, then "use" a tinderbox to light a fire.

Fish are the most common item cooked, since all that is required is some raw fish and a range or fire. There is no preperation to cooking fish. All the variouse fish and the cooking levels required are found in the Fishing Guide's Fishing Table along with the cooking skill gained from cooking them. Some cooked fish (mainly lobsters) can also be "certed" or converted to certificates worth five fish each which helps when trading or selling large quantities.
The Next most popular cooking items are pies and pastries. These all require a dough of some sort, usually made from flour and water. Simply obtain some flour and water (see chart below) and "use" one with the other. A menu will appear on the screen asking you what type of dough you want to make. Simply click on the preperations.

All bread and pastry items must be cooked on a range, while meat, stew, and curry can be prepared on a fire as well as a range.

Once your cooking experience reaches Level 32, you will be eligible to join the Cook's Guild. See our Cook's Guild Guide for further information on what's available to Guild members at the Guildhouse on the west side of Varrock.

If you're a Runescape member, there are also some special menus and food items you can make from the Gnome Cookbook. The cookbook as well as some of the more exotic ingredients are available at the Gnome Stronghold and featured in the Guide To Gnome Cooking.

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