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Vampire Slayer Quest Guide Empty Vampire Slayer Quest Guide

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Vampire Slayer by: WCW Goldberg
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short
Requirements: 10+ Combat is recommended.
Items Needed: A Hammer , a Beer , Armour, Weapon and food if low combat level.


Start: Morgan in Draynor Village After talking to Morgan you will quickly find that a Vampire housed in the nearby Draynor Manor has been making life unpleasant for Draynor Village citizens.

He will tell you that Doctor Harlow may be able to give you advice on how to kill vampires.

Before you leave climb upstairs and search the nearby cupboard to find a Garlic which will make your fight with Count Draynor much easier.

Teleport or walk to Varrock and follow the north road out (which runs by the varrock church) until the road splits, take the east road from here to go to the Jolly Boar inn.

Once here talk to Doctor Harlow, you'll need to give him a Beer before he tells you anything, to do so talk to him with a beer in your inventory (you can buy beers from the nearby bartender, 2gp each).

He will give you a Stake and tell you, that you will need need it and the garlic to defeat your fearsome foe.

Equip your weapon/armour and get food if you have not already and with your Stake , Hammer and Garlic in your bag go to Draynor manor (located south of Draynor Village).

Move down the stairs found in the southern end of the Manor to end up in the basement.

Search the coffin to initate the fight.

Break off when needed to eat food but it should be a easy enough fight with a Garlic in your inventory.

Once he has no hit points left, use your stake on him to kill him.

You have slain the fearsome vampire and completed the quest!

Quest Complete! 3 Quest Points Attack Experience


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