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You can make many things in Runescape with the crafting skill. Jewels, amulets, leather items, glass items and much more. To make these items you usally start with some raw materials to craft. Gold, silver, clay, leather etc. Crafting also uses many tools, like moulds, chisels, glassblowing pipes, etc. You also use equipment like furnaces (smelter), pottery ovens, spinning wheels, etc. And finally, you need some merchants to buy your wares. They can be found on the world map.
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Lots of these items can be found from the Crafting Guild, which is located south-west of Faldor. You can also buy many things from a crafting shop. You can find one in Al Kharid run by Dommik or in Rimmington run by Rommik. They can be found on the world map.


Pottery is the art of making items from clay. You can make pots, pie dishes or bowls. However this is not a good way of making money. They are really just for cooking.
1. First you need clay which can be mined from clay rocks. You don't need any mining experience to do this.
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2. Next you need water. Mix it with clay to make soft, workable clay. Do tis by "using" the clay with water by clicking your mouse on either the clay or the water, then clicking again on the other item.
3. Use soft clay with a potter's wheel. Choose what you want to make, a pie dish, a pot or a bowl. Potter's wheels can be found in the Crafting Guild, Gnome Stronghold, and the Barbarian Village.
4. The last thing you need to do is put the un fired items into an oven. It's possible that the tem will crack but as your level grows this happens less often.


You can make three diffrent leather items, which are gloves, boots and leather armor. You can wear all of them and they will raise your armor points a bit. Making leather armor is an easy way to gain crafting experience.
1. To get leather you need to kill a cow for its hide and take the hide ta a tanner. Tanners can be found in Al Kharid and at the Crafting Guild. You need to pay one coin to the tanner for each leather he makes. Cows can be found around Lumbridge, the Crafting Guild, and at Zanaris. (bears and wolves also drop hides but can not be used at this time).
2. Get yourself some needle and thread. You can buy them from the crafting store in Al Kharid or Rimmington. Use the needle with the leather and choose which option: armor, gloves or boots. With one thread, you can make five leather items.
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You can spin wool and flax with a spinning wheel to make yarn. Simply "use" the wool or flax whith the spinning wheel to spin into thread. Wool will yield a ball of wool, which can be used to add to amulets or holy symbols. Flax can be spun into bow strings.
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