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The Knights Sword Quest Guide Empty The Knights Sword Quest Guide

Post  Brwn on Mon May 27, 2013 4:46 pm

The Knights Sword by: Diabolize
Difficulty: Medium
Length: Very Short
Requirements: 10 Mining, 15 Smithing (if you’re making your own Iron Bars, not necessary) and 10 Cooking for a Redberry Pie (can be bought from other players).
Items Needed: Redberry Pie, a Pickaxe and two Iron Bars.


Start the quest in the White Knights Castle by talking to Squire.

He will tell you to seek out Reldo to find out information about the Imcando Dwarves.

Head to Varrock and he will tell you to take you to take your Redberry Pie to the Asgarnian Peninsula south of Falador and give Thurgo your Redberry Pie as a bribe for him to make the Knight's Sword.

He will tell you to head back to the White Knights Castle and find a picture of the sword.

Head up to Sir Vyvin's quarters on the top floor of the castle.

You need a friend to distract him enough to take the portrait.

Head back to Thurgo with the portrait, pickaxe, food, and armour.

He will tell you he needs 2 Iron bar and a Blurite Ore to make the sword, and the only place to get them is under the cliff by his hut, head down there with anything necessary to survive level 68 and 57 monsters, and mine the ores.

When you have your Blurite Ore head back outside of the dungeon and speak to Thurgo again.

He will make your sword and head back to the squire to claim your reward.

Quest Complete! 2,725 Smithing, Faladian Sword, if an extra one is made during the quest and 1 Quest Point.


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