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Custom Additions for new Players  Empty Custom Additions for new Players

Post  Brwn on Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:10 am

Client is now resizeable. (Beta on Medium and Large Clients) - Via Settings.ini in your client folder.

New Herbs - Falador
Dragon, Khorium, Platinum ore and bar Liles In Draynor
Manta Ray, Lava Eel, Pirhana, Sea Turtle, Angelfish raw and cooked - Niles in Draynor
Pufferfish and Dragonshark raw and cooked - Orven Fishing Guild
Opal, Topaz, Jade, Onyx Gems - Master Crafter in Crafting Guild
Mystic, Cork, Boojum, Gum and Twisted Logs - Forester in WC Guild
Normal Logs - Forester in WC Guild
Flax and Bowstring - Seers village
Bows - Seers village
Fish - Draynor Village, Catherby, and the fishing guild
Bars - Drayonor Village
Ore - Draynor village
Gold and Silver - Crafting Guild
Rune equipment - Edgeville
Addy equipment - Edgeville
Dragon Bones - Yanille
Rune essence - Draynor village
Potions - Yanille
Herbs and Herblaw supplies + Vials - Falador
Wool - Lumbridge
Amulet - Outside the crafting guild
Gems - Edgeville

Link to map
Map Changes:
New City: Deep Wilderness Town (The most north east you can go in the wild) (fury ammy teleport)
New City: Lava Guild Town (North of Mage Bank)
New City: Shantay Stronghold (South of Al Kharid)
New City: South Shilo - added south of Shilo Village
New City Southern Fishing City added south of Yanille
New Cities: Demonhiem and Kantrana, located north of Taverly to Seers.
New City: Outpost (The most north west you can go in the wild) (fury ammy teleport)
Falador, Edgeville, East of Al-Kharid and Wilderness Landscape changed

::map - Opens the full World Map (not island or dungeons yet)
::vote - Opens vote page (Please try to do this everyday!)
::forum - Fastest way to
::advertise - Opens the advertise and referral rewards thread.
::coords - Toggles Coordinates on your screen
::stuck - Teleports you to edgeville
::offer - ex: ::offer 10 100 - Will offer 100 coins
::vote - Opens Vote for top100 Arena
::online - Shows amount of players online
::onlinelist - Shows the player names of those online
::wild - Shows how many players are in the wilderness
::skills username - Show the users skill. Remember to do _ if there is Space in the names like this: dr_strange.
::fatigue - Gives you max Fatigue. good for pures there dont need more Xp to ruin the stats
::snow - Will enable snow

Skill Guide Commands:
::attack - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Attack
::defense - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Defense
::strength - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Strength
::hits - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Hits
::ranged - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Ranged
::prayer - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Prayer
::magic - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Magic
::cooking - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Cooking
::woodcut - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Woodcutting
::fletching - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Fletching
::fishing - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Fishing
::firemake - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Firemaking
::crafting - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Crafting
::smithing - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Smithing
::mining - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Mining
::herblaw - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Herblaw
::runecraft - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Runecrafting
::thieving - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Thieving
::slayer - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Slayer

Clan System
::invite - Invites a player to your clan.
::accept - Accepts a clan invite from another player.
::clan - Shows who is in the clan.
::leave - Leaves the clan.

F6 to Toggle player information on the left side of client
F11 to record videos - The vid it saved in the client folder under Media
F12 to Take a Screenshot - Saved in the same location

Item prices have changed.
Shop Buy/Sell Modifier has been changed.
Alch values have changed.
Added Ranks for Developer and Owner.
Armour has been reduced by 50% in general
Weapon Aim and Power has been reduced by 25% in general
Max hit before potions/prayer is ~50.
Shark 1 click Edge (coords 234,463)
Khorium is purple, Platinum is yellow, Titanium is blue.
Axes and Skirts no longer wieldable
Fury amulet has teleports
You will appear in Edgville when you die.
When you super heat items the bubble icon above your head will show the exact bar.
When you alch it will show the items you alch in the bubble icon.
When you drink potions it will be shown in bubble icon above your head (will show exact potion and doses).

Wilderness Content:

Lava Guild Town and Surrounding Areas (Just North of Mage Arena Bank) Coords near: 228, 80
Above Ground:
10 Rune Essence Rocks
2 Gnome Bankers
8 Chaos Druid Warriors
Spinning Wheel
4 Cork Trees 210, 43 South West of Wildy Town, North of Mage Bank
1 Platinum Rock in middle of ClassicKBD Dragons 225, 71
Lava Eel Fishing spot 223, 78
Pufferfish coords: 235, 14
Dragonsharks coords: 214, 28
Klank's Chest
10 Silver Rocks
10 Gold Rocks
14 Coal Rocks
5 Mithril Rocks
4 Addy Rocks
Yew log cert spawn 1 every 30 seconds
Ball of wool cert spawn 1 every 30 seconds
Rune Essence cert spawn 1 every 30 seconds
Bow String cert spawn 1 every 30 seconds
21 Gnome Demons
5 Magic Demons
3 Dragon Rocks
2 Rune Rocks
3 Chaos Elementals to Range and Telegrab Loot

Deep Wilderness Town and Surrounding Areas (north eastern corner of wild):
6 Mystic Trees, 100, 50
Flax Plants, 131, 41
Spinning Wheel 131, 41
Angelfish, 212, 19 (by King Black Dragons West of Town)
8 Chaos Druid Warriors 104, 9 next to Wildy Town Bank
6 Sheep 100, 9 next to Wildy Town Bank
8 Essence Rocks 105, 26
Khorium Rock at (58 x, 46 y)
Wheat Field 10 Jungle Demons (103 x, 56 y)
Coal Strip Mine (114 x, 28 y)
Sea Turtle Fishing spot (119 x, 32 y)
Piranha Fishing spot (138 x, 14 y)

Wildy Ranging Building (Southeast of Deep Wilderness Town) 83, 72
6 King Black Dragons
2 Greater Arrow Chests
2 Greater Rune Chests
1 Kalphite Queen
4 Ranarr Weed Spawns
8 Iron Dragons
2 Coal Cert Spawns
2 Dragon Rocks
2 Mithril Dragons
1 Mithril Ore Cert Spawn
1 Twisted Tree
4 Gold Ore Cert Spawns
1 Gum Tree
Nazastarool Ghosts 106, 82

Level 12 Altar:
14 Mithril Rocks
2 Lesser Demons (not on rocks)

Red Dragon Isle:
12 Magic Trees
4 Mystic Trees
3 Cork Trees
2 Boojum Trees
1 Gum Tree
3 Iron Dragons
1 Mithril Dragon

South of 38 Altar:
2 Black Dragons, 2 Greater Demons
16 Adamantite Rocks
4 Rune Rocks
2 Dragon Rocks

All 4 normal Runecrafting Altars
Essence Rocks
4 Rune Rocks

High level Runecrafting Altars surrounding Deep Wilderness Town:
High level ancient altars will now give double the xp and runes of normal Altars.

Ancient Elemental Altar
Level 100 RC Required
20 runes per essence of:
Airs, Fires, Waters Earths
Coords: 95, 1

Ancient Dark Realm Altar:
Level 115 RC Required
16 runes per essence of:
Minds, Bodys, Lifes, Deaths
Coords: 143, 9

Ancient Altar of Light:
Level 130 RC Required
12 runes per essence of:
Natures, Chaos, Laws
Coords: 104, 46

Ancient Altar of Enigma:
Level 145 RC Required
8 runes per essence of:
Cosmics, Bloods
Coords: 155, 49

New Shops:
Spears - New City South of Shilo
7 Bronze Spear, 6 Iron Spear, 5 Steel Spear, 4 Mithril Spear, 3 Addy Spear, 2 Rune Spear
Fish & Feather - Manta Ray Fishing City south of Yanille
10 Tuna, 10 Lobster, 5 Swordfish, 5 Shark, 3 Manta Ray, 200 Feather
Runes - Connector town west of Shantay Desert, North-East of Island.
150 Mind, Body, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, 75 Chaos, 30 Cosmic
Mithril Shop - Shantay Stronghold
4 Mithril Large, Plate, Chain, Legs, Kite, Battle Axe
Logs - Shantay Stronghold
5 Oak Logs, 4 Willow Logs, 3 Maple Logs, 2 Magic Logs, 1 Mystic Logs
Herbs - South of Digsite, Northeastern Al Kharid
5 Muddy Guam Leaf, Marrentill, Tarromin Harralander
3 Muddy Ranarr Weed
2 Muddy Irit Leaf, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Cadantine
1 Muddy Dwarf Weed
Arrows - Demonhiem
640 Bronze Arrows, 320 Iron Arrows, 160 Steel Arrows, 80 Mithril Arrows, 40 Addy Arrows, 20 Rune Arrows, 10 Dragon Arrows
Addy Shop - North of Demonhiem Square near wilderness access.
3 Addy Large, Chain, Plate, Legs, 2H, Kite, Battle Axe
Pickaxes & Hatchets - Kantrana
6 Steel Axe & Pickaxe
5 Mithril Axe & Pickaxe
4 Addy Axe & Pickaxe
3 Rune Axe & Pickaxe
2 Dragon Axe & Pickaxe
Ores - Lava Guild, north of mage bank next to ClassicKBD's
10 Coal, 5 Mithril Ore, 4 Addy Ore, 3 Rune Ore, 2 Dragon Ore
Gems - Level 70 wilderness Campfire. North-west of Bronze Drags, Moss Giant spot
5 Uncut Sapphire, 4 Uncut Emerald, 3 Uncut Ruby, 2 Uncut Diamond, 1 Uncut Dragonstone

Level 95 Dragonhide Chest, Loot: Green, Blue, Red, Black Dragonhide
(349, 601) Crafting Guild
Level 100 Fish Chest, Loot: Raw Tuna, Lob, Raw Swordfish, Raw Shark
(434, 490) Catherby
Level 100 Ore Chest, Loot: Gold Ore, Mithril Ore, Addy Ore, Runite Ore
(269, 3381) Mining Guild
Level 100 Logs Chest, Loot: Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic Log
(517, 464) Seers Village
Level 105 Ingredients Chest, Loot: Limp, White Berries, Unicorn Horn (changing to Snape Grass soon), Eye of Newt, Wine of Zamorak
(602, 3566) Yanille Chaos Druid Warrior Area
Level 110 Klank's Chest, Loot: Klank's Gauntlets
(74, 105) Outside Rogue House Wildy
Level 110 Shark Chest, Loot: Cooked Shark
(204, 434) Edgeville Guard's House
Level 110 Bar Chest, Loot: Gold Bar, Mith Bar, Addy Bar, Runite Bar
(111, 3308) Varrock Sewer
Level 115 Ranarr Chest, Loot: Muddy Ranarr Weed
(381, 486) Taverly
Level 115 Irit Leaf Chest, Loot: Muddy Irit Leaf
(380, 496) Taverly
Level 115 Kwuarm Chest, Loot: Muddy Kwuarm
(379, 500) Taverly
Level 115 Cadantine Chest, Loot: Muddy Cadantine
(358, 501) Taverly
Level 120 Prayer Pot Chest, Loot: Prayer Potion
(252, 458) Monastery
Level 120 Super Attack Chest, Loot: Super Attack Potion
(204, 3292) Edgeville Dungeon
Level 120 Super Strength Chest, Loot: Super Strength Potion
(180, 3274) Edgeville Dungeon
Level 120 Super Defense Chest, Loot: Super Defense Potion
(206, 3295) Edgeville Dungeon
Level 120 Range Pot Chest, Loot: Ranging Potion
(286, 667) Port Sarim
Level 130 Magic Bone Chest, Loot: Magic Bones
(299, 688) Rimmington Church
Level 135 Weapons Chest, Loot: Addy 2H, Rune 2H, Dragon 2H
(316, 3524) Ice Dungeon (South of Rimmington)
Level 145 Runite Chest, Loot: Rune Large, Rune Plate, Rune Legs, Runite Bar
(331, 438) Chaos Temple
Level 150 Dragon Large Chest, Loot: Dragon Large, Dragon Bar
(266, 2964) Dungeon South of Wildy Pirates
Level 150 Dragon Plate Chest, Loot: Dragon Plate, Dragon Bar
(265, 2949) Dungeon South of Wildy Pirates
Level 150 Dragon Legs Chest, Loot: Dragon Legs, Dragon Bar
(277, 2962) Dungeon South of Wildy Pirates
Gems Chest Ardougne coords 539,603 Level 100 - uncuts: saph, emerald, ruby, diamond per steal
Dragonstone Chest Ardougne 516,3427, Level 140 - uncut dstone per steal
Elemental Runes Chest 226, 742 by Chaos Chest
Greater Runes Chest 603, 876 South Town, south of Yanille
Cosmic and Law Chests 14, 579, 10, 579 North East Corner of Al Kharid just below digsite

God Dungeons
How to get to God Dungeons:
What are God Dungeons:

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Custom Additions for new Players  Empty Re: Custom Additions for new Players

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