1-150 Thieving Guide

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1-150 Thieving Guide Empty 1-150 Thieving Guide

Post  v mayhem v on Mon May 11, 2015 6:05 am

Sorry no pics yet, but just getting a rough idea on how to get you to max thieving. It's kinda slow to level up in the beginning (failing on npcs/them attacking you and you killing them), but once you get to 95 it's smooth sailing. It's also a pretty nice way to make money/gather consumables.

So basically from 1-55 you're gonna be hanging out in Edgeville, pickpocketing the best NPCs you can (some go for low exp/high steal rate, but with the exp bonus being huge I believe that'll just slow you down, so I go for high exp/low steal rate.)

Men 1-40
Guards 40-55.

At 55 you'll want to talk to the Adventurer in Edgeville and have him send you to Ardougne. Here, you'll be thieving the best you can too. Take note, the stalls are currently inoperable as of this posting (5/11/15) so pickpocketing is your only option.

55-70 Knights
70-80 Paladins
80-95 Heroes/The chest above the gem chest.

80-95 there's also a chest where the hero spawns, what I like to do is thieve the hero until he's attacked me so many times that I killed him then pick the lock to the gem chest (but don't try to open the gem chest, you're not a high enough level yet and it'll be a waste of time), go up the ladder and pick the chest up there. You'll get an addy ore, cooked shark, uncut sapphire and 1k gold. When you come back down the hero would have respawned. If you kill him too fast to go back to the chest (has a 2.5 minute respawn time) just thieve paladins til the hero respawns.

95-100 Crafting Guild Dhide Chest (requires 40 crafting + brown apron available from Varrock clothing store). Self explanatory, thieve this chest until you're 100. Follow the road out of Falador south, make the right and follow that to get to the crafting guild. At this point you should now go to the Thieving portal located by the God portals (the dungeon in Edge to the west).

100-Whatever. At this point the exp will start adding up fast, there's a bunch of chests that give great exp and that you can't possibly fail on/kill the mob (there is a respawn time, however it's 15 seconds and usually there's multiple chests). From this level, it's basically whatever consumable you want to collect (or a variety). There's consumables for every other skill around this point. Check this link: http://rsckbd.wikia.com/wiki/Thieving for more information. My personal recommendation is the ore/bar chests, as those would be the easiest to sell/most beneficial (smithing is probably the best skill to have on this server).

Good luck and keep them fingers sticky Smile.

v mayhem v

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1-150 Thieving Guide Empty Re: 1-150 Thieving Guide

Post  Brandsborg on Mon May 11, 2015 7:32 am

Wrong wrong wrong mate. :-)

Do men to 59 or what it takes to thiev bloods at island. Then thiev bloods to lvl 100. Go to the 99 thieving portal in the man hole in edge. Then thiev vials cert to u can thiev flecth chest the same room. I did that for 140.

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