how to get 150 cooking in 16hours

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how to get 150 cooking in 16hours Empty how to get 150 cooking in 16hours

Post  Kage on Sun May 31, 2015 2:31 pm

this is my guide on how i got 150 cooking in 16 hours from lvl 98

ok first of all if you have high enough fishing i would get these items...

4.7k raw sharks but 2.7k raw sharks ill explain further on
1855 raw turtles
2266 raw piranhas or sub them out with another 2k turtles
1860 raw angel fish

ok first of all you will want to get all the above items and go to Deep Whildy Town (dwt)and go to the bank and withdraw some sharks. there is a range on the top right hand side of the map with a black square in it.

so start off buy cooking 2.7k raw sharks so you can cook turtles perfectly 2.7k sharks will get you roughly to lvl 125 cooking easily or higher but like i said i cooked 4.7k sharks to be on the safe side which was time consuming so i could have hit 150 faster.

second step is to start cooking all of your turtles, turtles roughly give you about 160k exp per turtle i would recommend putting some thing in be hind one turtle other wise you might eat a few of them like i did and also cooking turtles till lvl 147 but you can cook piranhas at lvl 125 but you will burn 5 in a pack every time.

third step is to start cooking piranhas these give roughly 300k exp per cooked one like i said before in step 3 if you don't want to burn any then cook turtles up to lvl 147 but cooking all those piranhas should get you to lvl 140+ i suggest finishing the amount of piranhas cause you will most likely run out of angel fish like i did lol..
and will start cooking piranhas again

4th step well at lvl 135 you can cook angel fish but you will still burn 3 or more a time but cooking exp for angel fish are 400kexp per cooked fish  and carry on cooking these till you hit 150 at 150 you can start cooking dragon sharks.

hope this guide helps


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