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2021 Quickies

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2021 Quickies Empty 2021 Quickies

Post  ego Sat Feb 06, 2021 5:39 am

Drag and Drop bank....or Withdraw Notes which I'm not super into... Drag and Drop so I can clean my bank, it's soooo messy.

Hot Keys for Dialogues.
Example - Altar of Light
Click -> Use Rune Ess on Altar of Light -> Press 1 for Natures, 2 for Chaos, 3 for Law. Instead of having to click them... It'll especially be useful for Certing/UnCerting when you have an inventory of random certs.

'cuz finding Item Id's to ::drop ID AMT isn't easy at all.
and while we're at it - Right Click-> Open Bank..let us skip the some dialogue...cuz we all know RSC was the best, except for all the ineffecient dialogues.

I'll POST updates, in comments, as I find stuff.

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