NEW Client Version 12.1 Released. Information.

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NEW Client Version 12.1 Released. Information.

Post  Brwn on Fri May 26, 2017 5:08 pm

Client V12.1 Released
Download at or

- Increased ClassicKBD's sprites limit of custom wieldable items and NPCs from 2000 to 3898. - Implemented by Yong Min
- Added new items:
- Skill capes for all skills - Contributed by Yong Min
- White Gloves - Juiced
- Pumpkin Head Masks  - Contributed by Yong Min
- Wieldable Easter Basket - Contributed by Yong Min
- Balacava - Contributed by Yong Min
- Skull Mask - Contributed by Yong Min
- Mod & Admin Cape. - Contributed by Yong Min

- Fixed running from duels
- Fixed dueling/boxing equipment bug
- Added Dragonhide certificates. - Juiced
- You can now use certificates on the Master Certer and they will be uncerted to your bank. - Tim
- Fixed boss helmet combat positions. - Brwn
- Godsword stats have been rebalanced. - Juiced
- Fixed all Barmaids and Bartenders in all cities. - Brwn
- Fixed the flood of private history on login. - Yong Min
- Fixed players who have closed their client appear online - Yong Min
- Fixed the invisible command - Yong Min
- Fixed Cork and Mystic bows fletching bug. - Juiced
- Fixed Bankers in Edgeville so they do not walk out of bank. - Juiced
- Fixed Men in Edgeville so they do not walk out of man hut. - Juiced
- Fixed Crafting Guild: Npc can now see your Apron. - Juiced
- Fixed Cooking Guild door: Npc can now see your Chef's Hat. - Juiced
- Fixed Black Knights Fortress door: Npc now can see your Med/Chain. - Juiced
- Fixed Random Object locations around the map - Chloe/Juiced
- Increased Rune Dragons Rune Essence certificate drops from 1 cert to 5, 10, 15 or 20(rare) certs. - Juiced
- Completed area for Mining Event - Juiced
- Completed area for Woodcutting Event - Juiced
- Added security unlock commands for staff accounts. - Yong Min
- Added new textures for walls, doors, floors, windows and water. - Yongmin/Brwn
- Added new Loading and Login screen to Client. - Brwn
- Added new shop in Demonheim: Skill Cape Vendor - Brwn
- Added new NPC: Trees - Contributed by Yong Min
- Added new NPC: Medusa - Contributed by Yong Min
- All rune shops now carry more runes in stock. - Chloe/Juiced
- Edgeville runes shop now sells Chaos and Death runes. - Chloe/Juiced
- Magic Crystal Quest: NPC drop rates of quest materials has been increased. - Chloe/Juiced


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