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Subscription Card to Skilling Item Packs Exchange Empty Subscription Card to Skilling Item Packs Exchange

Post  Brwn on Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:24 pm

Item Packs are back!
Each pack costs 1 Subscription Card and contains a multitude of skilling items pertaining to a specific stat.
For now, please contact a staff member to exchange subscription cards for these packs.

Low Level Herblaw Pack
50 Grimy Cadantine, Irit & Kwuarm Certificates
50 Grimy Ranarr Weed Certificates
50 Grimy Tea Leaf Certificates
50 Limpwurt Root Certificates
50 Snape Grass Certificates
50 White Berry Certificates
50 Eye of Newt Certificates

High Level Herblaw Pack
150 Grimy Death Rose Certificates
30 Grimy Fools Weed Certificates
30 Grimy God Lily Certificates
30 Grimy Rune Poppy Certificates

Potion Pack
20 Prayer Potion Certificates
10 Saradomin Brew Certificates
10 Super Prayer Certificates
5 Ultimate Attack Certificates
5 Ultimate Strength Certificates
5 Ultimate Defense Certificates

Fletching Pack
50 Boojum Logs Certificates
50 Bow String Certificates
3000 Rune Arrowheads
1500 Dragon Arrowheads
1000 Khorium Arrowheads
10000 Feathers
5000 Headless Arrows

Ranged Pack
5 Boojum Longbows
5000 Rune Arrows
3000 Dragon Arrows
1500 Khorium Arrows

Low Level Crafting Pack
250 Gold Bar Certificates
150 Ball of wool Certificates
100 Uncut Saphire Certificates
100 Uncut Emerald Certificates
05 Uncut Ruby Certificates
50 Uncut Diamond Certificates

High Level Crafting Pack
250 Gold Bar Certificates
150 Ball of wool Certificates
80 Uncut Dragonstone Certificates
40 Uncut Opal Certificates
20 Uncut Topaz Certificates
10 Uncut Jade Certificates
5 Uncut Onyx Certificates

Ore Pack Certificates
100 Rune Ore Certificates
50 Dragon Ore Certificates
20 Khorium Ore Certificates
10 Platinum Ore Certificates
1000 Coal Certificates

Raw Fish Pack
150 Raw Pirahnas certifcate
100 Raw Angelfish certifcate
50 Raw Pufferfish certifcate
25 Raw Dragonshark certificate

Cooked Fish Pack
190 Cooked Pirahnas Certificate
140 Cooked Angelfish Cerfitificate
90 Cooked Pufferfish certificate
40 Cooked Dragonshark certificate

Magic Pack
500 Rune Essence Certificate
1000 Nature Runes
1000 Law Runes
1000 Blood Runes
5000 Fire Runes
5000 Air Runes

Prayer Pack
250 Magic Bones Certificates


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