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KBD tutorial

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KBD tutorial Empty KBD tutorial

Post  Mod chloee Sat May 27, 2017 11:56 am

The KBD tutorial quest can be done at level 3 it can be a very simple quest if you know the locations on the map.

step 1

Speak to the KBD guide SOUTH of edgeville bank reply to him 'yes' and he will tell you to type ::commands.

Keep this page open as it will help you with the next steps

speak to the KBD guide again and he will give you 10 air runes that he wants you to drop using the command ::drop 33 10

Speak again to the guide and he will ask you a few questions that you will need to answer

the first question is which one of these is not a ore - cadmium
the second question is which is the best gem  - onyx
the third is what level fletch to cut the boojum longbow - level 137
the fourth is what is the best fish in the game  - dragonshark
what is the herb needed for ultimate defence potions - rune poppy

step 2 is when he sends you to different locations on the game this is to help you learn the locations and build your knowledge of our world Smile

first location is on east island the easiest way to get here is get a charged dragonstone amulet which you can buy in the pk shop west of edgeville bank.
Use the teleport and go to west island go EAST over the bridge following the path till you get to four houses King Narnode Shareen will be in the npc that you need to talk to.

KBD tutorial King_n10

the King Narnode Shareen will then send you to the next place which you can again use your charged dragonstone amulet, teleport to alkharid and walk SOUTH till you just pass the water then go directly WEST till you go through a deserted town you will eventually arrive at the destination you will need to talk to Desert Landing Mayor.

KBD tutorial Desert10

The Desert Landing Mayor will the send you to the Fisher King, in all honestly I would say this is the most difficult one of all.

To get to the Fisher King go to Edgeville and use the portal SOUTH of Edgeville use the options - cities - Yanille.

Once you are in Yanille go WEST out of the town and go around to the south wall of Yanille once you are just SOUTH of the magic guild building go directly south till you arrive at a town. The first npc you will see as you see the town will be the Fisher King click on your map to go to him and he will then give you your next location.

KBD tutorial Fisher10

The Fisher King will say the KBD guide has asked him to send you to the Kantrana Market Leader the most simple way to get to this location is to return to edgeville and once again use the portal SOUTH of edgeville, use the options -cities - seers.

Once you arrive at Seers bank you will need go follow the path that is on the eastern side of the bank NORTH, once you arrive at a building do not enter just go past it and continue going NORTH you will arrive at a market which you go east to go through you keep following the path till you reach a fountain at this point you go WEST till you arrive at the fourth building  speak to the NPC Kantrana Market Leader.

KBD tutorial Market10


Go back to Edgeville and speak to the KBD guide one last time.

quest complete   enjoy your 25000gp and the Khor 2h and 4 quest points Smile

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