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Post  Brwn on Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:35 pm

King of the Castle Minigame

How do I get pk tokens?
The only way to get PK tokens is spending time as King of the Castle.
while king, 1 PK tokens per second, that's 3600 PK tokens per hour spent as King of the Castle.

To enter the arena you need 10M Coins.
You gain 10m when you kill another player in the arena.
You are automatically skulled when you enter the arena.
You loose items & 10m when you die in the arena.

You do not loose the pk tokens you have earned if you die.

To enter the arena type ::enterking

You cannot range or mage through the walls of the castle
There is an npc that teleports you from inside the castle to outside
King of the Castle - PK Tokens Screenshot0_zpsan6r2kma

Once in edgeville you can receive the PK tokens you've earned from Pk Token Exchanger
King of the Castle - PK Tokens New_zpsar0khhim

PK Token Shop

Shop accepts only PK Tokens
Price in PK Tokens.
Titanium Bar 530
Titanium Bar Cert 2650
Muddy Rogues Purse 1766
Muddy Volencia Moss 353
Dragonshark Cert 35
Muddy Death Rose Cert 14
Muddy Fools Weed Cert 35
Muddy God Lily Cert 35
Muddy Rune Poppy Cert 35
Muddy Dragon Lotus Cert 70
Magic Bones Cert 28
Kril Bones Cert 53
Twisted Log Cert 35
Uncut Onyx 70
Legendary Pk Axe 176666

King of the Castle - PK Tokens Screenshot0_zps1lrwxpcj


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