Yew and Magic Tree locations

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Yew and Magic Tree locations  Empty Yew and Magic Tree locations

Post  Kage on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:38 pm

the bets places for yew trees and magic trees

yew trees there are four on east island just before you reach the bank by the bridge if you don't have magic then use a charged dragon stone amulet and click on west island they are both the same islands there is also more of them  in seers village head just past the flax field and you should be able to find them i would recommend getting 75 woodcutting  though that will enable you to get into the wood cutting guild where there is 5 yew trees in there on the end right hand side there is also 5 magic trees on the left hand far side.

magic trees there are 4 or 5 in seers village just above the yew trees which are lvl 85 to cut them i recommend going for the ones in the wood cutting guild though because there are more of them but there's still a chance another player will be at there and normally you will be lucky if you get more then one log off a tree Smile if you find that you have too many logs in your inventory there is a log certer at wood cutting guild that you can turn your logs into certs if they build up too much then u can just click on i have logs to uncert and then click the type of log you have and click on directly to bank that will clear your invent pretty fast and it also saves time running back and fourth to seers bank also i recommend using a rune axe after you hut lvl 40 attack and wood cutting it makes things alot easier untill dragon hacthet comes out.

to find the wood cutting guild after level 75 wood cutting just head north west from seers along the path until you find a fence with an iron gate on it with grubber standing out side the gate and another npc on the inside of it. If you are lucky there are people who will hire you to cut magic or yew logs for them cause there either too lazy to do it them selves or there just happy to help out a new comer for cash i my self would pay 15k a yew log cert and roughly about 20k a magic log cert

i hope this helps in the near future farao


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