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Post  Kage on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:58 pm

ok here is the best way i found to level up fletching

while you are wood cutting get a knife from seers where the old man wearing blue has one in his house. fletch while you are woodcutting this makes things easier but there is a trick to fletching. first you click on your knife then you click on your log then quickly click on your knife again this will enable you to fletch more logs then a normal person cause they are probably just using there knife once and fletching one log per to your 5 or 6

but first start with fletching arrow shafts the more you make when your a smaller level the better because it is really fast exp and players will buy them by the bulk do that until say like 65 when you can make yew short bows keep on fletching yew short bows until your a high enough level to make yew long bows which is at lvl 70 if you have enough yew logs say about roughly 3000 yew logs keep fletching those until level 85 most players will probably say they wouldn't buy magic long bows because there was a players who actually made a lot of them and gave them away or sold them at an unfair price. i would sell them roughly 25k a magic long bow but also a faster way of getting more exp is find a friend online who can smith full rune and get them rune bars because they will make you rune arrow heads and you'll be thanking me for suggesting making arrow shafts because if you have enough feathers per shaft and enough rune arrow heads you can fletch rune arrows at level 83 players will buy bulk loads of rune arrows and potentially it will earn you millions in the long run in the mean time can i suggest you do crafting at level 5 or 15 i cant remember which one but at one of those levels start to gather flax and start making bow strings if you want to so crafting later on then that is a good start so you are working on two skills at once also the more bow strings you have the better because the fletching exp of a magic long or what ever long bow you are making doubles when you put a bow string on it as well. Also if you are very lucky there will be players who do sell magic and yew logs that are willing to sell them at low prices to help you out and gain levels faster.

hopefully this guide helps out


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